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calming Practices for Stress Relief

Join Wendy Lotter, Master Meditation Instructor, for these quick, effective, and free, 5-minute recordings to help you turn compassion inward in stressful times.

Use these tactics often, to bring more pockets of peace into your life.


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This weekly livestream course is a comprehensive three-week journey into stress reduction. Only through disruption and change of habits (revolution) can we expect to create improvement and a higher sense of self (evolution) in our lives.


This course allows for detailed explanation and practice of techniques in-session. Class will offer two-way instructor/student access for questions and concerns real-time while learning techniques.


This course includes:

  • detailed background into the negative physical and mental impacts of stress over time

  • explains how stress reduction techniques help improve numerous aspects of well-being

  • how to recognize stress in yourself and others

  • changing from being reactive to responsive

  • how to get rid of “monkey mind”, and more.


You will also learn how to turn compassion inward, you do deserve it!

Session 1 Impacts of Stress (Mental/Physical/Loved Ones/Colleagues)

Benefits of Meditation (Same as above)
Turning Compassion Inward
Breathwork for Calming

Session 2 Derail the Thought Train

Attitudes, Gratitudes, Intentions and Attraction

Session 3 Pockets of Peace

Allowing and Acceptance
The Silent Self
Group Practice and Celebration

3-session, 1-hour, weekly class

Each weekly session shares new techniques and information.

Students are asked to practice daily with new tips/technique and build each additional technique onto their daily practice for a well-rounded stress reduction toolkit. Total practice time daily can be as little as 10 minutes, and still be effective! Appropriate for Ages 16+.

Classes begin October 13, 2021 at 7pm CST.

Cost: $75 for 3-week package

HOW do I sign up?

1) Download the MindBody App for free from the App Store on your device.

2) Register yourself on the MindBodyApp. (This does not register you for class yet, just the app.)

3) Search for "Healthwise Studio" (the address should show as 11110 86th Ave North, Maple Grove, MN).

4) Once in the Healthwise Studio page, click the square calendar icon in the upper right corner. Go to October 13, 2021 and click Done.

5) You will see Thought (R)evolution! Click the Book button to sign up for class. It will guide through the remainder of the registration and payment process.

6) Congratulations!! Give yourself a pat on the back!

I look forward to seeing you there.

Relax and Release - Wendy Lotter

Turn Compassion Inward