Welcome! My name is Wendy Lotter.

I spent a good part of my first three decades 

as an anxious worrier. Most people who knew

me back then would be surprised because I

came off as a very confident and outgoing

person with a ready smile.


But I was always in my head. 

Worrying, Creating plans to deal with

problems that didn't yet exist. I was all about 

checking off my To Do List rather than enjoying the life I was experiencing.

I had no idea how to "Be Here Now" or not feel I needed to be in charge of everything. Cover every base, meet everybody else's expectations. Being around relaxed people back then actually pissed me off! I felt like they were apathetic or lazy. Life went on like that for many years.


Then the panic attacks began.

I realized what was happening, given that I have worked in the medical administration field for years. This is an example where my "take charge" reactions worked to my advantage because I remember thinking "I'll be damned if this is going to be my life." I went to my primary care doctor the next day and we had a nice talk. I left with a prescription for anxiety and a strong recommendation to find a counselor. I did both immediately.

Having my first pill in my system, I attended my first counseling session where it was recommended I read The Art of Happiness by His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler, MD. Quick to take action, I bought it immediately after my session and began reading. It introduced me to meditation and that really resonated with me. I went online that same night and found some guided meditations to listen to and read more articles on how to meditate.


I only ever took one more anxiety pill after that night. That is how effective meditation was for the anxiety, worry, nervousness. I understood I needed the medication to break the chemical and hormonal anxiety cycle happening physically in my brain. But WOW this meditation stuff was a positively life-changing, long term fix for me!

And with that, I was a believer and have since immersed myself in learning everything I could about meditation. Spending years taking classes, becoming certified, and expanding into many other stress reduction and healing methods.

In 2008 I began feeling strongly the need to teach others they deserve to 

Turn Compassion Inward.

And with that I began teaching classes and workshops, in addition to seeing clients privately. After a few years I added speaking professionally on stress reduction at conferences and for employers. 

My teaching style is one of non-judgement, compassion, humor, and spunk.

Some would say I'm "peace, love and joy" with a sprinkle of "take no sh#t!"

Take some time to check out my website. You'll find information on Professional Speaking services, as well as, my local classes and workshops. The Testimonials page offers insight from some of the individuals I've been fortunate to have served. If you feel it's time to ditch stress and become happier with life, you can reach me via the Contact page. 


Bachelor of Arts - Health Care Administration

Master's Degree - Health Services Administration

Master Meditation Instructor

Health Coach

Usui Reiki Master (People & Animals)

Crystal Healer Level 1

Six Sigma Green Belt

Six Sigma Black Belt trained

Lean Process Improvement Facilitator


Turn Compassion Inward