Thought (R)evolution 3-wk Series

City of Plymouth,MN

Wendy is a fantastic teacher who makes you feel comfortable and excited to learn about meditation and all it can offer. You can feel her passion, you can tell she is incredibly knowledgeable about what she is teaching, and truly cares that you have a good experience taking this class.

Thought (R)evolution Participant

In an effort to provide a comprehensive healthcare package for our personnel, it is imperative to introduce helpful stress reducing techniques to optimize our officers' wellbeing and performance.  Wendy Lotter, from Kind Mind, offered our personnel several key and simple to apply techniques that were both well-received and have made a difference in helping our officers to become more mindful in managing the stress they endure on and away from the job.  Wendy's instruction was greatly appreciated and effective.               

Chief Mike Goldstein, Plymouth Police Department

This class met and exceeded my expectations for our patrol officers as well as our records staff!  The Toolkit of Tactics is something that all officers should be at least familiar with and hopefully utilize as the inevitable stress of the job starts to impact them.  Thank you Wendy!            

Dave Zerwas, Patrol Sergeant, Burnsville Police Department

I have not had a bit of anxiety and not ONCE ground my teeth since I began doing the meditation you taught me. Not one bit, during any day since I started. And, my patience with my daughter has been much improved. I'm not one to rave, seriously. I didn't even realize until after a few days and then looked back and realized the subtle but significant difference. I honestly had high hopes, but this is beyond what I had hoped for. I cannot thank you enough.

Private Client

I have attended several of Wendy's workshops and have been throughly impressed not only with her knowledge and delivery but also how she connects the information to everyday life. Wendy is an effective speaker, engages her audience and is personable. Look forward to more workshops offered by Wendy!

Melanie Fountaine, Co-Founder & CDO, Josh's Place

This workshop, Stress Reduction Tips & Techniques, has given our team excellent techniques and worthwhile information for stress reduction to easily apply in the work environment. We will be able to apply practical exercises, such as the four part breathing technique and the positivity flip, in both our professional and personal lives. Wendy's up-beat and interactive teaching style keeps the audience engaged. This was a very insightful experience.

Dave Callister, City Manager, City of Plymouth, MN

Wendy is a very kind and compassionate teacher. I learned many different meditation techniques from her and she was always happy to go in the direction that I asked for and patient with me. I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone that is looking to learn about meditation or to help alleviate stress.

Private Client

I used the 4-part breathing Wendy has taught me to diffuse what could have been a very stressful flight.

Meditation Class Participant

Wendy presented at an all employee event and I was amazed how the employees took to the 4 part breathing exercise and enjoyed the other strategies on dealing with stress. She tells her personal story which makes the entire presentation more effective for the audience.

Mike Mornson, City Manager, City of Hopkins, MN

Wendy’s Stress Reduction & Meditation Workshops offer an opportunity to creatively learn easy-to-use mind body skills that support overall health and wellness. Her professionalism and relatable approach brings great value to the services we offer. I confidently refer my patients to Wendy knowing they will be supported and well-guided by her expertise.

Kristin Dahl, PsyD, LP, Healthwise Behavioral Health & Wellness

I am a physician who developed insomnia after decades of interrupted sleep from night time pages. Wendy came to my house, and in three or four sessions, taught me how to regain control of sleep and stress. She also helped me get back in touch with my deepest spiritual side. I feel more centered now. More at peace. Wendy is really good at this. This is her calling.

Private Client

I integrated the content learned into my life and felt results immediately.

Thought (R)evolution Participant

I was amazed at how easy it was for me to clear my mind in the class as my mind wanders a lot.

Meditation Class Participant

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